Armed Escorts

SOG offers a variety of Armed Escorts, including the following services:

Secure Drive

SOG have well-trained security drivers to get you safely from point A to point B. These drivers are trained in high-speed driving, skid control, evasive driving techniques, and are also normally fully trained body guards. Armoured luxury vehicles can also be supplied should it be required.

These services can be offered on a ad-hoc basis or long-term contracts.

Secure Banking

We offer armed escourts end buck-up teams to ensure that your trip to the bank and back is safe & secure. This service is customised to each clients needs depending on the risk involved. This service range from a single security driver to a full detail with a CAT (Counter-Assault Team) as back-up. Prices range from R850 upward.

Secure Convoy

Covert as well as visible escorts can be arranged for special cargos or convoys. These escorts are tracked as a standard, and often utilize our Special Response Team as back up.

All personnel deployed on these services are highly trained & qualified and under go regular practical assessments & refresher training.

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