Long Term Contracts

The bulk of Special Operations Group’s business is based on long term guarding contracts to Industrial as well as Residential clients, supported and backed up by our Supervisory and Armed Reaction Teams.

Special Events

Special Events may vary between supplying a single “Car Guard” for a function one evening at your house, to deploying a full Protection Detail with SRT (Special Response Team) backup for a couple of weeks.

Special Events also include temporary guards to construction / building sites, guards to industries while shutting down during e.g. refurbishment or the December holidays.

These types of duties are normally pre-arranged.


We permanently have guards and personnel on standby for unforeseen circumstances and/or emergencies. These guards can be deployed on short notice to sites, where for example the electronic security system has been breached, where a motor vehicle accident or any other type of unforeseen event has damaged the perimeter fence.

This service is available to both contracted clients and non-clients, and typically lasts only a day or two while technical personnel resolve the problem.

Guarding Functions

  • Sentries (Stationary Guards)
    A sentry is a guard assigned to guard over or protects a specific post or location. These posts normally include visitor access points, watch towers, etc. Often the function of a Sentry will include access control.
  • Access Control
    To assist our personnel in delivering an effective service to our clients, we make use of a combination of Access Control Registers, Visitors Registers, Vehicle Identification Stickers, Sleeping Passes, Workers/Domestic Identification Cards, etc. to ensure that only authorized persons enter the premises under our control.
  • Patrolling Guards
    We utilize an on-line MagTouch system in conjunction with all patrolling guards to ensure that an effective service is delivered to our client. Check points are setup that must be visited by our patrolling officer. These points must be visited either in specific sequence or randomly, as requested by our client. On request we can supply the client with a printout of the patrols completed, detailing the points visited, dates and times.

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